Tuesday, May 31, 2011


MassMoca (Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art) in N. Adams, MA is a treat for the contemporary art lover to visit.
Exhibits stay a long time - the longest is the Sol Lewitt exhibit - he has three stories in a building for 25 YEARS!
The building is as interesting as the art in many ways. It's an old textile factory with numerous buildings. Some have been repurposed as office buildings; there's a restaurant and an antique store too. MassMoca also has a good cafe, concerts, plays, kids activities - and gift shop of course! Check out the website and you get a good sense of how stimulating a visit can be.

I have visited the Sol Lewitt exhibit at least 5 times, and still enjoy it. The website allows you to view the show, but seeing it in the museum is something else - the windows, floors and industrial feel of the building play very well with the art. There is also a video about the student's and artists who did all the work, right on the walls. Sol Lewitt wanted art to be accessible to all, so he made up plans that can be executed on any size wall, anywhere. They'll all be a little different, according to the size of the walls, but the composition, and the color always works. It's an amazing tribute to Lewitt that he was given carte blanche to pick out a space for this retrospective and know it would be there for 25 years. Sadly, he died before the exhibit was finished, but he was able to see it in process, and know his life's work would continue to be viewed by thousands.
A winter view of the exterior and link to the Lewitt exhibit

This green and red wall vibrates the eyes!

Is the line up of the yellow line serendipity, or planned?

There are many black and white paintings -

I'm posting a few photo's, but recommend that you make a visit to the museum. It's in the beautiful Berkshires, and there is so much to do here!

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