Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inspiration from Cory Booker

A great speaker can make you laugh, cry, think deeply, and also be memorable. Cory Booker was the commencement speaker at Williams College last weekend, and he did all of that and made you want to be a better person too!
One of the many challenges he made to the graduates was to avoid becoming homogenized - everyone starts out as individuals, but the world has a way of wearing you down and becoming more alike. Booker encouraged the graduates to maintain their integrity, and not to become someone who just goes along. He told many stories about the love of his family, and their ebullient support for him. Booker talked about learning the most from the most disadvantaged, whose struggles made them resourceful and strong. He encouraged the students and audience to be kind, every day.

I can't do justice to his gifted speaking, so I'm posting the link. Many said he was the best commencement speaker they had ever heard. If Cory Booker ever runs for President, he has my vote!
Listen, and be prepared to be moved.

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