Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sacred Threads

Through true serendipity, I had a 3 hour layover at Dulles Airport, which timed exactly with the Artist Reception at the opening of the Sacred Threads exhibit in Herndon, VA. I got out of the airport as fast as possible and into a cab, and was at the show in 15 minutes.

From the Sacred Threads website:
"Founder Vikki Pignatelli and the other committee members wanted to create a dignified exhibit of artwork that would touch all those who viewed it on both spiritual and personal levels. We wanted to share the experiences of quilters whose stories would be a source of healing and strength for others by allowing the artist to submit a statement which would be exhibited with the artwork that described the meaning or inspiration for the piece.  We also encourage attendees to complete artist comment forms if they are particularly moved by a quilt - these are returned to the artists with their quilt." After mounting the exhibit for semi-annually for many years in Columbus, Ohio, Vicki asked for volunteers to take over the responsibility, and Lisa Ellis and Christine Adams of VA stepped up to the challenge.

In 2007, I had made a quilt about 9/11, but never found a call for entry that it seemed to fit. When I mentioned on the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) listserve that I'd like to find a venue for this art quilt, Lisa wrote that the Sacred Threads exhibit might be a good match. I entered the piece, and it was juried in.

Unexpectedly, I made it to the opening. There were several women I knew there, and I was happy to get to catch up a little bit. One of my sisters had met me there, and it was great to be able to share the exhibit with her. There are many quilts that have very personal meanings, and the artist statements are moving. My sister and I both had our mouths hanging open in front of a couple of quilts. The opening was crowded, which was great. I'd love to return and take more time to view the work.

If you are in the DC area, go see the show, and I promise you will be moved, inspired, and new thoughts may be provoked. I'm posting a couple of photo's although I don't know all of the artists.
Jeanette Thompson of Chicago, IL
 The quilt on the left is titled "Abuela" by Jennifer Day. The quilt on the right is by Kate Themal, of Cheshire, CT. She had two exquisite quilts in the show.
Sherry Boram of Indiana, made the piece on the left. It is about the Golden Rule being a part of every major religion. I loved the banners displaying the various ways it is expressed in the 13 different religions. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spring colors

Blue Spruce - nest?
We redid the landscaping in our front yard, and I'm enjoying watching things bloom. We've had so much rain, that everything seems to be growing at it's happiest.  Here's a couple of photo's of the colors that are coming up in my yard -  I love the tenderness of Spring colors.
Kousa Dogwood     
 I'm off for a wonderful trip in Spain. I'll try to post as I can!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Inspiration from Cory Booker

A great speaker can make you laugh, cry, think deeply, and also be memorable. Cory Booker was the commencement speaker at Williams College last weekend, and he did all of that and made you want to be a better person too!
One of the many challenges he made to the graduates was to avoid becoming homogenized - everyone starts out as individuals, but the world has a way of wearing you down and becoming more alike. Booker encouraged the graduates to maintain their integrity, and not to become someone who just goes along. He told many stories about the love of his family, and their ebullient support for him. Booker talked about learning the most from the most disadvantaged, whose struggles made them resourceful and strong. He encouraged the students and audience to be kind, every day.

I can't do justice to his gifted speaking, so I'm posting the link. Many said he was the best commencement speaker they had ever heard. If Cory Booker ever runs for President, he has my vote!
Listen, and be prepared to be moved.