Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Seductive Scarves

Another dye packed fun week - mostly scarves for sale at a local gift shop. I'm posting a few of my favorites - it's always hard to send them off when I'd rather be wearing them!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Who Does She Think She Is? documentary

I haven't seen this documentary before, but the trailer already has me fascinated. It's titled "Who Does She Think She Is?" and is about Women Artists who are also mothers. The struggle for studio time, balanced with family and work, the lack of understanding and appreciation for the time it takes to make Art. And of course, the perennial problem for women - to be taken seriously.

I asked my local independent theater, Images, to screen the film, and they will be showing it on April 5, in Williamstown, MA. One of my passions is film, and especially documentaries. I love learning about the way people's live are lived, and how different, and alike, they are from mine.

After I've seen it, I'll post a review. Meanwhile, see if you can get it shown near you - and let followers know your opinion.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

12 inch square

Studio Art Quilt Associates has an auction each year to raise money for the organization. They auction off 12" squares online, and last year they raised over $47,000! I'm planning on submitting a piece and am considering this one, which I've named "Skylight" .
The fabrics are all my own hand dyes, except for the black. It's ready to hang, although I think it would look great in a square, black frame.