Monday, March 10, 2014

Published in Fiber Arts Now

The Fiber In The Present Tense exhibit opened on Saturday, March 8 in New Bedford, MA at the Artworks Gallery with a couple of rooms full of artists and their friends and family. It was a very nice reception. My husband, brother and sister in law were there, giving me the adulation only family members can give! It was great to have them there. The exhibit is up until March 29 if you can make it to the gallery.
The photo below shows the title of the exhibit and a nice variety of work:

I'm sorry I didn't make note of the title and artist on each of these works. I know the stitched figure (3rd from left) is by Jeanne Sisson, and the quilt on the right is by Rosemary Hoffenberg.

This little nest is called"The Beginning for the 1%" and was made by Beverly Gomes. It's a little fetus in the womb with a gold, beaded crown, surrounded by peacock feathers! I love it.
The exhibit was very diverse, with all kinds of fiber art. It is a really interesting look at contemporary fiber. The "Fiber Art Now" magazine had a good article on the exhbit and I was very pleased to see my work featured on the title page. The photo of the page will give you a good idea of how diverse the exhibit is - art quilt by me, wire construction by Ellen Wieske, and a wonderful fantasy-type basket made of paper by Jeanne Flanagan.
Spring 2014 issue of Fiber Art Now pages 14-15
Here's the cover of the magazine in case you want to look for it: