Monday, August 26, 2013


I love that word, and love when it happens! We're visiting our old neighborhood, friends and family in Silver Spring, MD and environs.  My husband and I went to one of our favorite restaurants - Mandalay - a Burmese restaurant in downtown Silver Spring. As we were contemplating the menu and trying to remember what were our most enjoyed dishes, I heard two women talking behind me.

I kept hearing SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) and SDA (Surface Design Association). I knew they had to be kindred spirits so I turned around and introduced myself. It was Ann Graham, who lives in Silver Spring and is on the SDA Board, and Dominie Nash, who has a studio in Washington, DC and is a well known Art Quilter. We laughed about what a small world it is.

The SDA website was recently updated, and I remarked at how helpful it is once you start poking around. Since I live in a rural, small college town place, I don't have access to regular meetings of art quilters and all the information that gets shared in those meetings. We agreed on that and said goodbye.

If we had time, and they the inclination, I would have loved to join them and talk more about the long term goals of both SAQA and SDA, but we were off to see "The Butler". I loved the film, and hope it gets seen by millions of people!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Website finally completed!

Well, almost. I have gotten great feedback from people and they've figured out all the little things that need to be fixed. It's very helpful to have so many eyes looking over the site, especially those with some understanding of how to use Wordpress. Generous people gave me hints and I plan to fix some problems - like the contact page isn't working - as soon as I can get to it.

The website link is on the right of the blog - Jeanne Marklin Website

Now that I have a website up, I look forward to hearing from more people as I share new work. Please be patient about the contact page - or write a comment here and I'll get it. Getting comments helps us to know that we aren't just writing for ourselves!