Thursday, February 4, 2010

moving motifs

I put the motifs from the workshop on the wall, and decided I needed to move them around some more. I like the way the motif makes different shapes, which show up when the yellow motif is placed next to another yellow motif, in each of these photo's. Now, I want to play around with the way they interact, make a lot more, and compose them into interesting shapes. Nancy Crow emphasizes the figure/ground relationship. In the bottom photo, the two squares that are side by side -yellow against the brown and black ground - show how effective it can be when it is used effectively.

It also shows how helpful a digital camera can be in the studio. It makes it easy to pick up on what is working, and what isn't. I make prints on a small photo printer, to document my progress. A lot easier than trying to remember if moving a piece has made a difference or not.


  1. Great motif! Hope you've had a great time at the workshop.

    You have smaller combinations happening in the top one too in the lower left corner. May not be the exact same fabric, but the values are close enough to combine.

  2. I love this motif the way it moves and dances. Suggests to me that it is musical certain combinations look to be the start of a phrase. You are going to have some fun. I'm looking forward to what comes next.

    Did you get that kick start you were hoping for? It looks like you did.

    I have to buy a small photo printer on my list. I have been examining my work on the computer screen but I think I would like to hold something.

  3. The motif has been fun to work with. I'm still working on the last assignment but will post soon.
    I have a small HP and it's working well. Very basic - the color isn't perfect, but it really helps with composition - stuff pops out that you hadn't noticed but you recognize as out of place.