Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have been trying to work on the last piece from the Nancy Crow workshop. It has changed a lot, and I've been learning about the motif and the many possibilities. However, I've moved pieces around, changed colors, sizes, shapes, and although I am happy with some aspects of it - I don't feel the composition is coming together. I just don't feel that I know where I'm going with it. Today has been a day where I thought about taking the piece down, giving up on it, and starting over. And questioning whether piecing motifs is even a way I want to work.

Writing this, I can hear advice from others (am I hearing voices?) Same suggestions I would give another artist - work on something else, go for a walk, give yourself an Art day, and then look at it again. Maybe it isn't worth finishing, but it just might look different in a few days. Like most people, I'd really prefer that creating was easy, and I could be brilliant all the time. (Or at least, once in awhile) Everyone would like to feel that way about whatever kind of work they do. But, life isn't easy. Think I've talked myself into another stab at the piece!


  1. I feel your frustration! I've had a piece on my design wall for months that I had all but given up on. This past week I finally figured out what it needed and I got all excited about it all over again. I hope it will all look different in the morning.

  2. It seems to be a common problem! Creating is really hard work. I found my book "Blogging for Bliss" and thought of you. There are some good tips in it, although a lot of it features pages from other people's blogs.

  3. If we could get it right without any effort, would we appreciate the final results as much?

    You have a choice to either stop and start over or keep chugging on. It is a difficult decision. Procrastination can help you return to it with a fresh eye.

    It's all part of the creative process. It is frustrating at times, isn't it. But the excitement when things start to work out is what keeps me going and brings me back for more.