Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Can I take it off the wall now?

I've been struggling with this piece for a week - I think I'm finally finished adding circles. But I had already basted the piece about 6 months ago, and since working more in this series, had learned to look at it a little differently.
In process - basted with white thread. It's about 36" square. The lighter circles are white organza. Just trying out the placement and sizes.

I've photographed it numerous times, and then look at the photo's either in my camera, or on the computer screen. My studio printer isn't printing right now, and I don't have time to fix it. Decided I liked the additional circles, so the paints came out and the white organza was painted to look more like the other circles.

I like that better. But how about if I make some of the additional circles solid, instead of transparent?

 And add more to the darker side of the piece? I almost finished adding - just have to figure out how to attach those circles with the basting already done. to quilt it! I spent an hour looking at books to get ideas for the kind of lines I want to use. There's an app for the IPad called Skitch, that I'm trying out by drawing potential quilt lines over the photograph.

Do you have a way to think about the quilting design? I tend to start quilting and let the hum of the machine guide me - but I'm trying to be more thoughtful about those lines. It's hard to make round shapes, so going around those circles would be a challenge. And straight, radiating lines would be on the bias of the fabric. Back to the studio to mull it all over!

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  1. Hi Jenny,
    I use a piece of tracing paper the size of the quilt and audition quilting designs by drawing with pencil - either a plain black or various colours. This way I can intuit it on paper first and take the best ideas from several designs, try loads of different geometric shapes and colours and get a hint of how it will work, before I stitch. Cheers Veronicah