Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Series workshop assignments 4 and 5

The series workshop is completed, and was a GREAT learning experience. I hadn't posted about the last two assignments, but Lisa Call wrote about my work in the workshop on her blog today, which motivated me to post the assignments. Thanks Lisa!

The fabric dyeing for each assignment became overwhelming due to time constraints. I have been dyeing circles for awhile, with the thought that someday I would figure out what to do with them. The workshop helped me realize I needed to do more planning ahead, and dye for composition.

One of the options for exercise number 4 was to use lines in the composition. Lisa sent links to many artists that used lines and made me really think about how to add lines into my work.

I had an Alexander Henry fabric that was white with black lines. I had already dyed some of it multi-colors. I used a curry dye, and clamped circles of different colors in an arc. Getting the lines onto the ground of the design meant I'd completed that part of the assignment already. Ever the conscientious student...
 This is what the fabric looks like - it's a great fabric, huh?
For the 4th assignment, I broke the design into three sections, adding a strip of a pole dyed shibori, and a small piece of red. The arc of the circles needed more definition, so I added arcs in black tulle. Members of my critique group gave me some great feedback. Adding red, was one suggestion, which I really liked. Here's the assignment that I posted for that week:
In progress composition

By the next week, I had company for the week that I hadn't figured into my studio scheduling, so I decided that instead of starting from scratch, I would develop assignment 4 into a completed composition for the last assignment. I really wanted to play with transparency and depth, and see if the lines could be accentuated. I spent a lot of time standing in front of the wall with various size arcs and circles, in tulle and organza. I finished it, photographed it, and am ready to try for some juried exhibits.  I added a black binding, because I felt it really made it pop with the black on the edging.
Going In Circles c.2011 32" x 38"

I'm very thankful for Lisa having the foresight to design this workshop, and to always be one step ahead of the class and their journey. I'd recommend the workshop to anyone who is hoping to find their own voice, institute better studio habits - and grow in their art. The other class participants were very helpful too - watching what others do is always good for inspiration.


  1. Jeanne, I read with fascination your report of Lisa's working in series online class. It sounds as if this was a very profitable experience for you. I am tempted but not quite to the point of signing up. I need more time to find myself in my new life after being a Mrs. for 57 years. I know my fiber art will be a vital component, but think working on my own is right for me at this point. Thanks for writing about your class!

  2. Sounds like a great workshop and I love how you evolved your piece.

  3. Thanks, Martha and Judy! I think the workshop got me moving in a forward direction, just when I needed it. Martha, grieving takes so much energy and time that you can only do what you can do until you get through the worst of it. I'm sending you a big hug!

  4. Love the finished piece - lots of movement - what's next?

  5. Next, I'm going to start finishing the compositions from the workshop. I decided they needed to be tweaked a little here and there. Except for the last one, they're just pinned to the wall. Still lots of work on each of them!

  6. Love the movement and play of colors and textures in this piece, Jeanne! Beautifully done! Hope to see you soon.

  7. Its gorgeous Jeanne!! Absolutely love it!
    I hope you bring it with you for our next meeting so we can see the finished product in person.


  8. Jeanne--
    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, Studio Notes. I'm delighted to find your blog, and have now subscribed. I couldn't find an e-mail address to reply to your comment, so I've posted the reply on my blog. Very interesting to see your account of the workshop with Lisa Call, and congrats on the acceptance into the San Diego show!

  9. Hi Jeanne
    Thanks for your suggestion on my etsy agony at Notes from 207. Also thank you for your application to Outside/Inside the Box. I will hope to see you in Philadelphia!

  10. I'll be in Philadelphia for sure! The SDA/SAQA conference and workshops look great, and I've attended for the past 3 years - always learn a lot and have a good time. Fiber Philadelphia should be a wonderful opportunity to see the best in Art Quilts!