Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yellow and Orange Circles

The workshop work continues - the series using circles is still on my table for finishing many of the compositions. I learned that layering and adding more lines and shapes made for a more successful composition with "Going In Circles".
This new piece is teaching me different lessons - it seems the most important one is to vary the sizes, so they don't become boring. This is what I've done so far -
Sunset Circles in process - unfinished.
I think it needs a larger circle over some part of it. Maybe white organza?
I'll get to work on it tomorrow!

1 comment:

  1. I love your series of circles, but not understanding how you are making your circles. I dye fabric with Procion dyes, and am starting to over dye.. but you sound like you are doing all your layering after you have a base color..
    They are beautiful.. working in series can be fun.. and I need to do more of that also.. but thinking, I might concentrate on getting some UFO's done this coming year, and tweaking them a bit.. please respond to my vivianhelena@sti.net, thanks.