Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year thought

Nuala O'Faolain, a well known Irish author, whose memoirs (Are You Somebody? and Almost Home) are fascinating. She also wrote a novel, My Dream of You. A couple of sentences in her novel jumped out at me as good guidelines for a New Years motto.
The main character wants to make major changes in her life, but is overwhelmed at figuring it out. At a funeral, she talks to a priest, who gives her the advice "Do the thing that's less passive. Do the active thing. There's more of the human in that". It is good advice for many different areas of my life - exercising more often, working in the studio (more work, less worry), building friendships, being more actively involved in LIFE. It is the human thing to do - instead of waiting, and letting others make things happen, or waiting and hoping what you want will happen. We all make some kind of resolutions at this time of year - sometimes letting others know about them, and sometimes just hoping they work out. I'm going to keep these words in my head, and put them up on the studio wall and make the change to be more active.

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