Thursday, January 21, 2010

Making More Motifs

I've spent the week preparing for the Nancy Crow workshop at the Fuller Craft Museum by making up motifs. I had started working with the motif below, using my hand dyed fabric. It might have possibilities in the future, but for now, I'm stuck. I love the way the hand dyes add little points of light to the piece, and will come home and dye lots of fabric after the workshop. I'm bringing commercial cottons to the workshop because I don't have the wide range of colors and values in hand dyes yet.
Now, for a motif that I think will work for the workshop. It has to be something fairly easy to piece, because we're supposed to finish a piece every day, and I'm a slow piecer. We were to make up at least 10 in black and white. I like the zig-zag lines - they make interesting shapes and graphic lines.

The zig-zag motif - one black on white, the other white on black. The design wall is white too.

This is the practice piece on the design wall to see how the zig-zag motif worked. I think it has lots of potential. Figuring out how to sew it together will be a challenge...


  1. Have a great time. Look forward to seeing where this motif leads you. I'm taking 2 weeks of Sets & Variables in May at the Barn.

  2. Looks like fun Jeanne! Can't wait to see more...