Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lynn Kenny was the speaker at the Irish Patchwork Society meeting in Dublin, on Saturday. Lynn is a professional artist from Killaloe, in County Clare, Ireland. She uses paper, paint, fabric and stitching in a very distinct style.

Lynn has lots of birds in her work, but I admired her abstracts most of all. She starts with a page from a magazine or catalogue, adds some tissue paper, puts PVA glue over the whole thing, and when dry, adds acrylic paints. She then layers fabrics and threads which add depth and texture. She said that she never knows what will come through the tissue paper - sometimes faces, sometimes words, or partial objects, but she lets the piece lead her where it wants to go. I really liked the depth and complexity of her pieces. Take a look, and see if they inspire you.

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  1. hi there "sister",
    keep em coming. i certainly appreciated the shadows and your comments having been with you when you shot it. you truly have the eye and photo skills as i always try. most important you seem to look at everything with such appreciation, as do i. ann