Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I feel blessed to be an extremely visual person. It wasn't always easy in educational settings, because I always had to see and read something to understand it. But it's a great way to never be bored!

A sprained ankle has me taking it very slow, and limiting my use of a sewing machine. I needed to get out to feel the air and be a part of the world for a little while, and hoped that a short walk would encourage healing.

I took my pocket camera with me, and sure enough, found things to get me excited - visual candy!
Being a visual person, and artist, means that the world is always offering you stimulation. I love that I can compose in a camera, and then think about what I can do with the idea I grabbed out of my brief walk. The bark of a tree can be an idea for painting fabric, and then there's discharging to get the luminosity reflected from leaves. Or the lines of granite stones with green moss providing texture - could be done through piecing hand dyed fabric, or painting...so many possibilities to consider. Even when I'm procrastinating - and I'm really good at that, I know that all I have to do is walk out the door for more ideas, and energy.

It is a grey day in Dublin, so everything was very subtly lit. The photo of the shadows on the bridge was supposed to be uploaded for another posting about design, but got left behind. Love the lines across that bridge!

The stones made me think of the work of Jeanne Williamson, an Art Quilter. She uses Orange construction material and fabric, paint and stitching. Her work is dramatic, and graphically complex. Jeanne has a show opening soon in Providence, RI. I won't be able to go, but if you do, please, let me know!


  1. OMG, I think we were separated at birth! I too find inspiration everywhere as a visual learner & was a lousy student because textbooks did not stimulate me. I also shoot images of nature, patterns & textures; most of which no one else seems to even notice.

    Thanks, Sis!

  2. We must belong to the same tribe, since we speak the same language!

  3. That's very tasty visual candy!