Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow dyeing with MX dyes

In the North East we have had snow storm after snow storm. Although it would be great if we could have the snow along with 70 degree weather, the snow is beautiful and a gift for dyers!

I've been doing some snow dyeing almost every day. The process is fairly easy and the results are unpredictable and often breath taking. Using dye concentrates from mixed dyes - rather than primaries made from single dyes - means that the dye splits into different colors.  Here are some photo's showing the process, and some of the resulting fabric.

The fabric is soaked in soda ash first and then hung to dry. I use a folding home drying rack that can be folded away. 

I wrapped the fabric in Whiffle Balls and small plastic golf balls. It's a method that I had read about on Carol Eaton's blog and wanted to try it. See Carol's blog here:  Carol used dry dye powder on top of the snow. I used dye concentrates but will try the dry powder as an experiment.

Here are a couple of images of my fabric covered in snow and dye:

After the snow has melted, the fabric is soaked in cold water for anywhere from 4-24 hours. The longer it soaks, the easier it is to wash any leftover dye out of the fabric. Then it is washed in very hot water with a small amount of Synthrapol or Dawn dishwashing soap.

Here are a few pieces of fabric after they have been washed and ironed.

Diane Franklin has an excellent post with detailed instructions on snow dyeing. Rather than repeating her instructions I'll direct you to her blog:

I can look at the color combinations and patterns in the fabric and feel transported to the Hubble Space ship or an underwater world. It's challenging to figure out what to do with the fabric, but I'm enjoying making it so much that I'll keep dyeing until I figure out how to use it.


  1. Been wondering how you were doing with this winter, Jeanne. Your snow dyeing looks great. I will love to see what you will do with the fabric - those designs are really special. Whole cloth quilts?

    1. Judy, I have about 20 pieces done so far, mostly fat quarter size. I'm playing around with them on the design wall and letting the fabric speak to me. Starting to use different shapes and various lengths of fabric. Will post more soon! Thanks to Vickie and Judy for visiting and commenting.

  2. ever done snow dyeing Jeanne. They look incredible!

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