Sunday, December 21, 2014

Recent work and Holiday wishes

     FaceBook has taken over my social media life and I've been spending more time on it and less posting to the blog. My FaceBook page link is Jeanne Marklin Art.

     There was a recent challenge on FaceBook to post black and white images for a week - I got carried away and have continued to post black and white. Photography was my first love in the Art world, and we'd had a beautiful snow so it got me excited about making black and white images. Take a look if you love black and white too. Here's a taste to tempt you. It's not quite black and white -but close enough.

     I did finish a couple of pieces in the last few months. They haven't been exhibited yet but will be entered in juried shows in 2015. Entering shows is always a crap shoot but it's also a validation that our art work is speaking to others. Here's a piece I finished in July:

Flowing 30" W x 38" H

     It's a continuation in the circle series with very different colors from what I'd been doing the last couple of years. Let me know what you see.

     If you've been reading, I thank you! And wish everyone a holiday spent with friends and family. May 2015 bring us a more Peaceful world.


  1. Beautiful snow scene! Yes, I have been reading even if I don't always comment. I had knee replacement Dec. 9 and have been drugged and in rehab, am just checking in at the computer. Happy 2015!

    1. Martha, I'm glad you are up and around and taking care of those kitties again! Thank you for reading and commenting. You have so much energy and enthusiasm- an inspiration to me!