Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More Marks and Bookmaking

During the "Human Marks" workshop taught by Dorothy Caldwell, we were given a very nice paper that was scored in the middle for folding. We cut out shapes using an Exacto knife and then made marks on them. Dorothy had given us two Micron black markers. One had a .05 point on it, and the other had a brush point. I used the brush point to write the words above using the stencil I had cut out.

On the left side of the page above, the word was "egg" and on the right page it was "whole". I don't know why I came up with those words, but part of it was because I liked the way they looked when they were repeated.
The page above was filled with squiggles, reminiscent of an "e". I had left negative space on the left side, but decided to cut it out and let a discharged fabric show through from the other side. It needs more work.

This is a batiked and discharged fabric page. It was my first experience doing soy wax batik, and I really enjoyed it. The discharge was done with bleach. There are so many ways to play with soy wax, it will definitely add to my repertoire. Cheryl Rezendes teaches the technique in Massachusetts and I would like to take a class with her so I can further explore this medium.

Let me hear from you!


  1. I loved the soy wax batik and discharging as well! Love your "egg" pages.

  2. Thanks, Karen. I liked the egg shape from another members presentation. The ideas just fly at the Barn!