Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A few reasons to go to the Crow Barn for a workshop

That's my workshop buddy, Dianne Mehlinger from VA, Dorothy and me. See how relaxed we are?
I've taken about 6 workshops at the Barn, and always feel that it is an inspiring experience. The last one with Dorothy Caldwell was paced very well, so that there was always something to do, but it never felt rushed.

I'm going to post a few photo's so you get an idea of the place and for those who have been there, to enjoy with your memories!
John Stitzlein, Nancy's husband and partner in all things. Such a good guy.

Quirky insects you don't find anywhere else.
Panoramic view of the inside of the barn. That's Dorothy Caldwell standing up.
Big table space (4' x 8') and design wall too. Makes you happy to spread out!

Margaret Wolfe makes lunch, snack and dinner every day. And dessert after dinner too! This bowl was our cookies for snack on Friday that we could take with us. Look at that great wrapping and detail. Margaret goes the extra mile for everyone.

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