Thursday, August 25, 2011

Series Assignment #2

The second assignment was supposed to build on the first (as in a series...get it?). I was hoping to do more with depth, by using different sizes and values, but screwed up in the dyeing. I forgot to write down the amount of dye I used for the darkest and largest circles(highest contrast) pieces, and ended up with the smaller circles being much darker. The opposite of my planned composition. So, I gave up on the idea of the large circles looking closer, and the smaller one in the background.

I really love blue and white, and I thought I would simplify my work by keeping the piece one color with white. I overdyed some very light batiks to see how that would look, and I actually liked it. The patterning of the batik is barely visible when seen from a distance, but up close, it gives it some interesting lines.

There's nothing wrong with your monitor - I didn't have the autofocus turned on in the camera, and without my glasses, I didn't realize it was out of focus! It's off the design wall for now, because we're on to assignment 3. That white square up in the left hand corner will be solid blue.

During the one on one phone call with Lisa, she emphasized that the series had to be something that I LOVED. I'm not loving this series, although I feel compelled to explore more. Lisa says that you may make 10 or more pieces in a series before you know where you're going with it. That has helped me to feel that I can keep going and just explore - and not to feel pressured to make only work that is worth exhibiting. None of the assignments are sewn together. If I sew them together, it will be with the commitment to quilt them as well. As a famous b-t-ch said "I'll think about that tomorrow"!

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  1. Jeanne,
    I've been enjoying your posts about this series. Looking forward to seeing some of the completed pieces when you're done. I've been working on some mixed media pieces using paper, found objects,colored inks, and bits and pieces left over from various other projects.
    Keep up the great work!