Friday, July 29, 2011

How to buy Art

I read a great blog post from another SAQA member about how to buy Art on a modest budget. I thought it was valuable enough to post the link here to June Underwood's blog post.

Although I look at Art all the time - galleries, museums, books and Internet sites, I rarely think about buying. And then I see something that just speaks to me - like it's a message to my soul, and then, I try to buy it. I've never been sorry about those purchases, and they give me years of pleasure. If I know the artist, it's even more special. The connection remains as a feeling of communion. I may not feel the same thing the artist intended, but that the art made both of us feel something.

Art can be found everywhere, and it can deeply add to your daily life. If you find something you would like to live with, but can't afford right away, sometimes an artist or gallery can set up a payment plan. I know that I am always pleased when my Art moves someone, and if they like a work enough to want to bring it home, I want them to be able to do so. Art is a way of communicating, and it feels good to connect with another person on that level.

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