Friday, March 25, 2011

New View - SAQA 2011 Auction piece

"New View" c.2011 12" x 12"

The Studio Art Quilt Associates asks its members to donate a small art quilt each year for the annual fundraiser. I actually got mine in early this year, instead of just making the deadline! Progress, not procrastination for a change. My piece is titled "New View" because I thought it seemed like a view from another planet of moons circling the sun. I dyed the fabrics and have become entranced by circles.

This is the second year I have donated a piece to the auction. I bid, on two last year, and was thrilled with the art quilts when they arrived via USPS. They were both more detailed and interesting than I could tell from the photo on the web site. This year's auction will start on Sept. 12.
I hope you will take a look, and start thinking about the small art works you would like to have for your own. Watch this space for more info!


  1. Nice work Jeanne - it has an air of astrology and mystery about it. It should go well in the auction.

  2. Beautiful composition and colors.

  3. Jeanne, I love your use of shibori fabrics in this piece. They don't always play well with other fabrics, but you've combined them well.

  4. This is a beautiful piece, Jeanne! It glows!