Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Indigo AND Shibori!

Indigo Itajime by Vicki Jensen
The Surface Design Conference -  "Confluence" has so much to offer this year. I'm particularly excited to be assisting at a workshop being taught by Vicki Jensen of Pro-Chem and Dye. The workshop is "The Magic Of Indigo", and it's 5 days of working with Indigo, and learning multiple Shibori techniques. Pole wrap, stitching, resists...the possibilities are endless. It's those endless possibilities that I love about Shibori. You can keep thinking "but what if?" and have so many options, and sometimes, surprises.

The Indigo is a newer type - pre-reduced - so you don't have to have a place to keep a vat going non-stop. Blue and white are my absolute favorite colors! You can also use the indigo over other dyes, and mix the colors to get anything that can be mixed using blue. Vicki has some examples on her blog Vicki Jensen blogspot. Some examples start with a rust colored cloth, and then blue, as well as the traditional blue and white, and dyeing with other primaries. Vicki is an expert on dyes and will be a fabulous instructor.
Check it out and see if you can come learn, and play with us!


  1. oooo that sounds fantastic!!!

    If you have time/interest I'd love for you to give this project some consideration:


  2. I LOVE indigo!!! Wish I could be there! Thanks for the link!!!Here is my "indigo blog" link.