Monday, August 23, 2010

Silk Scarves - Seductive!

I named my hand dyed silk scarf business Seductive Scarves because that is how I feel about scarves. Can't have enough of them! I love to wear scarves - they seem to make any outfit more interesting, and they also keep my neck warm. They're great for travel - bring all black and white (or gray or navy) keep wearing the same clothes, and change scarves according to the weather, the destination, or mood.

I've dyed a lot in the past two weeks, to deliver to the store where I sell them. I'm also donating one to a local fundraiser for Alzheimer's Disease. Each one is different - I can't seem to repeat myself, even if I wanted to!

They are photographed so I can share them with you, and also to remind me how I made them - sometimes notes just don't do it, or get done. I'll post more soon!

1 comment:

  1. Your scarves are beautiful! They are seductive! I can see why you would want alot of them!