Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Opening night!

The opening of the National Small Art Quilt show was lovely. Very diverse art, well executed. Adrienne and Roger Smith of the Main Street Art Gallery in Groton, NY were excited and did an excellent job of curating the show. It was hot, humid and raining that night. Nonetheless, I was happy to see my work "Rising" hanging, and meet other artists.
That's me with "Dreaming" and Jayne Gaskins piece on the far right. Jayne does beautiful threadwork!
You can see from these four pieces how different all of the work is. The piece on the left is by Sandra Lauterbach from California.
The piece on the left is by Lisa Chipetine of New York, and the one on the right is by Susanne Clawson of MD. Susanne lives in Silver Spring, my old hometown.
It was a good experience to see the show, meet the gallery owners, and enjoy a relaxing weekend in the Finger Lake region of NY. I made a couple of side trips - to the Earlville Opera House for the Contemporary Art Quilt Show, and the Schweinfurth Memorial Art museum for the Nancy Crow show. It was an All Art Quilts, All the time kind of weekend! Now, to the studio for me...


  1. Looks like a wonderful show and a lovely weekend! Your work looks great on display!

  2. Thanks for the photos of the show. Your pieces look great hanging. How did you mount them to the wall?

  3. Thanks for your compliments! The pieces are mounted on foam board. I stitched through the backs in each corner of the foam board. There is a hanger that attaches with a sticky pad in the top middle of the foam board. It's the first time I've used it, and it worked well.

  4. It's nice to see my work on the wall [although it looks a little crooked. ] Besides now living in Silver Spring, I also used to live not so far from Groton in West Groton, when I was going to school at Cornell.

    Susanne Clawson

  5. Susanne,
    I think it's the photographer who is crooked! I lived in Woodside for 18 years and miss the 'hood. It's a great area for fiber artists.
    The Nimble Fingers Guild was a great place to learn and network.