Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shibori, explored

The Shibori class was wonderful. Jan is a very patient and helpful teacher, and there were other students with lots of experience. Seeing other students create their work speeds up the learning process - and adds to the inspiration. Dyeing is similar to what printing photograph's used to be for me. You put something in a tray/bucket, and after a bit of time, find something wonderful developing under your hands.

If you like the looks of this work, I recommend taking a class with Jan Myers Newbury. Her workshop schedule is here: And any chance you get to see her work, run, don't walk! Although making the fabric is intriguing, and joyful, using it in a composition is a challenge. Cutting into it feels like torture - unless you know you can make more.

This piece was done on a pole, and twisted in opposite directions. That's how you get that nice "V" shape.

Underpainted, folded in half, and put on a pole on the diagonal. Making these is so much fun because it's so exciting to see what comes out of the dye bath.
This is a close up of the one above. Love those shapes and colors, and wish I could do them on purpose...they're accidental so I may never make them again.
This was underpainted too, folded, and then clamped with two sizes of circles...pretty cool, huh?
This was underpainted, put on a pole and scrunched down with wrinkles in it... I want to do more of these.


  1. These are awesome! I can see why cutting into them feels like torture...especially knowing there won't be another piece of fabric exactly like this one. They are really beautiful. The process sounds intriguing. I'll look forward to seeing them in your future quilts!

  2. Beautiful. Love the circles. The reds are so vibrant especially the piece that is under painted. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

    Jan's work is exquisite not only is her shibori stunning but her technique and execution in the construction of her work is flawless. And she lives in Pittsburgh!