Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shibori, here I come!

I'm getting ready for a shibori class with Jan Myers Newbury at ProChemical and Dye in Fall River, MA. I've already taken the class with Jan before, but need a refresher course. Jan is an excellent teacher, and I admire her work so much. Take a look at your website, and hold onto your socks!

I'm packing PVC pipe, clamps, bobby pins, washers, rubber bands, thread, rope - anything that can be wrapped around fabric, or fabric can be wrapped around. And lots of shapes to clamp - I especially love circles, but I'm also going to try squares, triangles and long rectangles.

Will post some of the class samples after I return, and then I plan on spending summer making more fabric. Dyeing is so much fun - there's always some new combination to say "What If?"

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