Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New magazine from Laura Kemshall

I had signed up for Laura Kemshall's newsletter/blog a few months ago and have enjoyed her short and friendly postings. Somehow, she has found the time to do a quarterly online magazine called "Through Our Hands". Lovely name for the magazine as well.

It's a beautiful magazine, filled with articles about other fiber artists and good images of their work and exhibits. I recommend it for all of us who love painted quilts, textiles, needlework, learning, drooling - and distraction!

It is amazing to me that she was able to pull this together while doing studio work, video's, art festivals, and LiFE. Laura is a dynamo, just like her mother, Linda Kemshall.

Please check out Through Our Hands - a free magazine with gorgeous art. I can't believe it will be free forever, but this is a great way to get familiar with it and see if you'd be willing to pay for a subscription. 

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