Friday, January 10, 2014

My work made it into the Quilters Newsletter Magazine!

A friend wrote to tell me she saw one of my art quilts on the website for the February online issue of Quilters Newsletter. I don't have a copy yet, but assume that it is also in the print edition. What a lovely surprise!

Going In Circles  32" wide x 38" high 

Link to Quilters Newsletter magazine

The quilt is traveling around the country with the "Hands All Around" exhibit, after being exhibited at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. It's one of my favorite works, so I feel like a proud parent whose child is doing very well. The Quilt Festival shows in Pittsburgh, Chicago and Portland will include the exhibit.

The quilt has already been part of exhibits at Visions Museum in San Diego, CA and at the Schweinfurth Art Museum in Auburn, NY, as well as the New Marlborough, MA exhibit of Fabulous Fabric and Fiber. It's getting around almost as much as me!


  1. I saw this quilt in New Marlborough. It's wonderful and the publication is wonderful news!

    1. Thanks Betty! I can't wait to see the print edition.

  2. I love this piece and think it deserves to travel, far and wide. Good for you, Jeanne!

  3. Jeanne, it's so neat to have this recognized. It's a beautiful piece and I'm glad it is getting this exposure.

  4. A great piece of art, can imagine why they choose this one!

  5. It's stunning, Jeanne! Will have to catch up with you to hear process details. Congrats!