Friday, August 23, 2013

Website finally completed!

Well, almost. I have gotten great feedback from people and they've figured out all the little things that need to be fixed. It's very helpful to have so many eyes looking over the site, especially those with some understanding of how to use Wordpress. Generous people gave me hints and I plan to fix some problems - like the contact page isn't working - as soon as I can get to it.

The website link is on the right of the blog - Jeanne Marklin Website

Now that I have a website up, I look forward to hearing from more people as I share new work. Please be patient about the contact page - or write a comment here and I'll get it. Getting comments helps us to know that we aren't just writing for ourselves!


  1. The site looks really good! I found the photos in the gallery very easy to navigate, and love seeing a detail as well as the whole piece.

  2. Thanks for looking and letting me know Penny!

  3. Jeanne, the site is beautiful and elegant; congratulations!

    1. Thanks Carol! I appreciate hearing from you and look forward to taking your class in October.