Saturday, December 31, 2011

How long did it take you to make that?

People always want to know "How long did it take to make that?" It's hard to say - because do you count the time while you think, and think, and think, about what you could do on the design wall? And about the mistakes, the do overs, and the unsewing (otherwise known as ripping out stitches)? Designing takes a long time, and it's hard to keep track of that time, because it's going on even while you're doing other things. Or, standing in front of the design wall and trying to figure out what it was I thought I was going to do! Your time may vary...

Deidre Adams is a well known art quilter who documented the design and creation of a commissioned piece on her blog. She made a wonderful stop action film that shows the sewing together part of her process, which I thought was great. Deidre has given me permission to repost it here:
Deidre Adams piecing a commission

She posted 7 times about creating the "Life on the Eastern Plains" piece, and it's well worth reading her well written and documented posts. She also has a video about painting the work - her own unique style of working. Deidre painting the work

Deidre's work is very atmospheric in my opinion, and she was an excellent choice for this commission. I'm sure the new owners are thrilled that they are able to enjoy this art work all the time.


  1. Jeanne, I followed with great interest Diedre's commission when she posted it. What a gift to share with all of us. I'm glad you made it available to more quilters on your blog. Happy New Year!
    Martha Ginn

  2. A gallery owner that represented my work tells people, when they asked this very question that it took me 25 years! Of course they would look at him strangely and then he would explain to them that everything that I had done prior to that piece, influenced that piece and that it took me 25 years (I think he was being kind!) to get to or make that particular piece.