Saturday, November 14, 2009

leaf shapes

When I'm thinking of shapes to use in my work, I often end up thinking of the shapes of leaves. Sometimes I walk around my yard, other times I look thru my photo's to remind myself of the wonderful diversity in leaf and flower shapes. These are photo's of leaves that I took in the small yard in the apartment complex we're renting in Dublin. Between the colors and shapes, there are
so many options. My favorite leaf is the gingko - but I haven't seen one in Dublin. I'm looking forward to going home and seeing the gingko tree that we planted this summer. I keep some pressed gingko leaves in my studio - they're like a touchstone for me.

If anyone knows what the name of the plant in the first photo with the big white spray of flowers, please let me know! It's very striking - and may not grow in my yard at home, but I'd love to know what it is! Thanks in advance for any help.


  1. Any chance those ginko leaves are from my yard??
    I miss my ginko tree, but am so happy in my studio. I am curating the Cloth and Chocolate show at Brookside Gardens to hang 12/12 and am actually enjoying the process so far. I am also up to my eyeballs in threadwork in a piece right now. Hope all is well. Look forward to having you stateside again. I miss you.

  2. I believe my leaves are from a gingko tree in W'town. I've already started collecting leaves from my little 8' tall tree in my yard.
    I didn't know your gingko tree had to come down for the studio addition. Boo hoo! They're such gorgeous trees - how about planting a new one to celebrate the new studio and stage in life?

  3. I have found out that the plant in the first photo is a Fatsia Japonica. Mostly grown as a house plant in the Eastern U.S. Planted in protected areas here, but thriving everywhere I see them. Great leaf shape, and very different flower/see pods.